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Constellation Seminars for Professional and Family Topics: 

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Dive with us into the morphic field and share solutions
with artists, individuals and other spiritual conscious participants. 

Bookings with own constellation 250€ and without own constellation 75€
and please let us know, if you just want to make your first experiences.
Infos and bookings Phone: 0173 - 370 27 26 or
Phone: 0511 - 979 3005 or
Individual Session with a face to face constellation
 250€ per session (90 to 120 Min.) with Pre- and Post consultation

"Self reflection is the key to a successful constellation." Anke Fabré
Intensiv systemic coaching with integrated shadow work. Discover 
the power of polarity and connect with your soul for guidance.
1000€ per individual Open-Field-Day constellation
Management Constellation
Bussiness Constellation for Visionaries
Custom Made Workshops for Organisational Units
Appointments by Request
Information and Bookings, Phone: (0511) 979 3005 or Mobil +49- 0173-370 2726




Anke Fabré