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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Constellation Seminars for Professional and Family Topics
Please ask for next constellation dates in 2018 
Dive with us into the morphic field and share solutions
with artists, individuals and other spiritual conscious participants. 

Participation with own constellation 250€
Participation as representative: 75€
Infos and bookings Phone: 0173 - 370 27 26 or
Phone: 0511 - 979 3005 or
Individual Session with a face to face constellation
 250€ per session (90 to 120 Min.) with Pre- and Post consultation

"Self reflection is the key to a successful constellation." Anke Fabré
Intensiv systemic coaching with integrated shadow work. Discover 
the power of polarity and connect with your soul for guidance.
1000€ per individual Open-Field-Day constellation
Management Constellation
Bussiness Constellation for Visionaries
Custom Made Workshops for Organisational Units
Appointments by Request
Information and Bookings, Phone: (0511) 979 3005 or Mobil +49- 0173-370 2726




Anke Fabré