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Welcome to the Open-Field-Institut

Origin, philosophy and expertise are the major pillows of the Open-Field-Institut. Inspired by the ancient culture of the Australian aborigines, developed through the immaterial movements of the eighties and nineties, consolidated by 20 years of professional energy work was 2011 the Open-Field-Institut founded. It has taken on the challenge to spread and teach systemic knowledge, subconscious recognition and self inspired creative solutions in the morphogenetic field and carry it into private and commercial systems. At the Open-Field-Institut many different constellation formats are applied. You and your concern is the major focus. Whether you develop and learn at an individual session or in dynamic or specialized group, at the Open-Field-Institut joy of life is part of the holistic approach.

Founder of the Open-Field-Institut, Anke Fabré:  "It is a wonderful experience to work holistically with people. I feel content, when being part of someone’s journey into their unique manifold world of emotions, visions and targets. People coming to the Open-Field-Institut are people, who want to experience consciously the wonder of evolution in their own energy field (constellations & others). Let the joy of life sparkle insight you again. Allow your experiences to nurture your heart chakra. Take charge and empower yourself in a healthy way."

Start your firework of "joie de vivre" as an integrated part of your energy management Learn the sytemic language at the Open-Field-Institute and discover the joy of lasting "leading and following" with in the systemic network.


The Open-Field-Institut in Detail: 

Participants and friends of the institute:


  • hirachy
  • origin
  • truthfulness




  • Open-Field-Costellation by Anke Fabré
  • trauma constellation in orientation to Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert and his concept
  • constellation for one with open-field-, trauma- or board constellation
  • communication constellation "letting information flow adds value"
  • stakeholder systems in constellation "healthy dynamik for lasting return"
  • visionary constellations for creative minds
  • 2013 - 2014     Bernadette Lüns; Medical Technical Assistent and Systemic Facilitator


  • 2014 - 2015     Claudia Menninger, biology labory technician and mother of 4 kids
  • Opi Point = Open Polarity Interaction Point (personal polarity)
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Anke Fabré