Systemic Company Development
Systemic Management for visionary stakeholders

Return on Invest. Working Capital Ratio. Cultural Initiativ. Cutthroat competition. Management by objectives. Projects. The world- and regional markets are moving fast. Capital- and real economy are changing in relation to each other. Are you appropriately positioned? Projects are started and evaluated according to benchmarking. How are your customers, your leading management, your employees, your suppliers and other stake holders positioned in line with your company objectives. Which business- or working relationship is healthy and empowered by the company goals. Leading with systemic energy know how means in the simplest way "effective management of human potential". Talk to your personal department or even better with your excutive board about it. Talk to us at the Open-Field-Institut. 

"Are you positioned well? Is your team in focus to the company vision?"  

Tailor Made Company Workshops
2 to 3 days incl. preparation & post evaluation
Systemic Facilitator:               Anke Fabré
Seminar Fee:                         10.000 €  to 25.000 € depending on content  (without legal MwSt)
Prerequisites:                        None
Number of participants:         max. 20 people
Workshop language:              German or English
Location, Hotel and Food:       Organisation, booking and payment directly by the customer    
Certified by:                         Certified by the German Society for Systemic Constellation 


Anke Fabré