Soul Journey through the Open-Field

Discover and entangle the subconcious in a self process

The Open-Field-Constellation Group Day encourages each participant in a spiritual, emotional and mental way to take charge. It is an invitation to develop playfully to trust the subconsious. Each participant finds room for choices to make based on their own intuition during the constellation. Personal change becomes an easy step after the decision is made. Each Open-Field-Constellation has a common topic, offers insight to the key fields on this topic and focusses the Opi-Point (Own-Polarity-Interaction).  


"Dive in. Dive deep. Come up again. Very gentle and touching and still powerful."
Detlef / Medical Doctor / Bremen
Facilitator:                              Anke Fabré
Prices incl. legal MwST:           250 €
Location:                                Kindergartenseminarhaus Walddorfschule
                                             Rudolf-von-Bennigsen-Ufer 70B, 30173 Hannover
Timing:                                  10 am to 18 pm (inlcuding breaks)
Food & Drinks:                        Please bring along something for the day buffet 
Certified by:                                 


Anke Fabré