Family Constellation in Hannover
Inspiring consteIlations for private and professional issues with Mini-Open-Field

A family constellation is a good starting point to get familiar with constellations. There is the opportunity to participate as a repräsentative or have a constellation yourself. Science is still working out, how exactly the morpho genetic field works! However the point is it works. A family constellation provides you with a clear impulse on your topic. It shows alternative ways for a change. A solution becomes apparent and you start to sence your own resources to solve your problem. With every family constellation you have the possibilities to dive deeper into your topic and understand more about it. Family constellations develop your breathing, change your inner focus and widen your personal perspective. Self determination and self responsibility are major parts of each family constellation.

Family constellations are sign posts within the systemic regularity. Constellate your topic on patnership, health, roots, wealth, recognition, off-springs, vision, individual fullfillment and safety or other topics in a confidential and creative group. Start to let the joy of life blossem in your daily routine. Dive in, dive deep and than rise "somehow touched" again. .

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Anke Fabré
with a individual constellation 250 €, as participant 75 €
non required
Kindergartenseminarhaus Walddorfschule
Rudolf-von-Bennigsen-Ufer 70B, 30173 Hannover
17:30 pm until 21:30 pm
Please bring along something for the buffet table




Anke Fabré


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